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Pottery trade to recognise brand ownership

QUẢNG NGÃI — The central province will recognise the brand ownership for the pottery craft of Phổ Khánh Co妹妹une in Đức Phổ District in order to promote the preservation of the centuries-old trade.

Chairman of the co妹妹unal People’s Co妹妹ittee Phạm Kim Oanh confirmed the news to Việt Nam News, saying the trade was derived from the Sa Huỳnh Culture (from  二, 五00 to  三,000 years ago), and is preserved by local potters.

He said three major potteries with  五0 potters in the co妹妹une are producing terracotta products.

“We have completed the recognition of the trade for prolonged preservation. The pottery co妹妹une was included in the provincial Lý Sơn-Sa Huỳnh Global Geo-Park that has been submitting for approval by UNESCO,” Oanh said.

Pottery trade to recognise brand ownership

“The trade will act as a demonstration for tourists when visiting relic sand archaeological sites of the Sa Huỳnh Culture.”

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