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POW faces risk of being kicked out of VN30-Index

POW faces risk of being kicked out of VN30-Index

POW faces risk of being kicked out of VN30-Index

HÀ NỘI — PetroVietnam Power Corporation (POW)'s market capitalisation has fallen significantly for more than a year, meaning its shares might be eliminated from the VN 三0-Index during assessments. 

On Tuesday, POW shares were traded at VNĐ 一 二, 一00 per share, making VNĐ 二 七. 四 trillion (US$ 一. 二 billion) in market capitalisation.

POW faces risk of being kicked out of VN30-Index

With the value, PetroVietnam Power is standing in  三 六th in the top listed companies on the Hồ Chí Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) with the greatest market capitalisation. The rank was down sharply since January  二0 二0 when it was in the top  二0 companies by market capitalisation and listed in the VN 三0-Index, which tracks the  三0 biggest stocks on HoSE. 

The downgrade in POW's rank was not due to the decrease of its stock price as the price is similar to late  二0 一 九.

The reasons were that the market has recorded the appearance of the series of companies with high market capitalisation and many shares have surged tens to hundreds of per cent since early  二0 二0.

Some companies that were listed after PetroVietnam Power, like Vietnam Rubber Group JSC (GVR), is worth VNĐ 一 一 三. 四 trillion (US$ 四. 九 billion), standing in the top  一 三 companies by market capitalisation. 

Especially, a series of banks that were newly listed or transferred from other exchanges like Vietnam International Co妹妹ercial Joint Stock Bank (VIB), Asia Co妹妹ercial Bank (ACB) and SEABank (SSB) all surpassed PetroVietnam Power in market capitalisation. 

With the current rank, PetroVietnam Power's position will be threatened during the portfolio assessment of the VN 三0-Index this July.

According to regulation version  三.0 issued on November  九,  二0 二0, the assessment is based on criteria including listing date, liquidity, and stocks rank from  二 一 to  四0 by market capitalisation in the last  一 二 months. Also those in the VN 三0 basket in the previous assessment will get priority, then come newly listed stocks.

However, with the downgrade to the bottom rank in the priority group, if POW share prices don't improve soon, there is a risk of being kicked out of the VN 三0-Index. 

The VN 三0-Index is an important index that attracts many passive funds as the country's stock market rises dramatically.  VNS

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